When my twins hit the toddler phase, I found myself feeling bittersweet about potty training. Part of me wanted my babies to stay babies as long as possible. The other part needed diapers gone as fast as humanly possible.

So when faced with the question of "what's next?" I asked every parent I could find about the best books to get our potty training journey started. The options ranged from child-led to planned and scheduled, and everything in-between. Here, I've broken down several of the most popular selections to choose from—as well as some bathroom-friendly books for your little learner.

Stress-Free Potty Training

Start with your child's personality type and learning style, take the quiz and head straight to that section for some awesome targeted tips. Strong-willed child? Reluctant trainee? You'll discover helpful ideas to get them out of diapers. If you're finding it difficult to pick just one type, that's OK, too. You can reference multiple chapters for various techniques. The author emphasizes that you need to let your toddler set the pace for the process—it's not a quick-fix book. If you're ready for a slow but steady method, this is the one for you.

Cost: $11.59 on amazon.com

Oh Crap! Potty Training

The six-step method broken down into blocks is the perfect balance between time commitment and a simple process. The author takes you through a plan that many kids catch onto in a few days, but if staying home for four straight days isn't a realistic option, this may be a tough one. Just to note: You might find yourself hunkered down with a pen, highlighter and to-do lists as you read.

Cost: $14.49 on amazon.com

The No-Cry Potty Training Solution

Not one for strict guidelines? You're covered with the suggestions in this book. The readiness quiz will help you know when to get started, and the author openly refers back to her personal experiences with her kids' training process. It's recommended to give this a read in the very beginning phases of training, maybe even a little before. You can skip to the highlights with the "Quick Start" guide, a good kick-off list and a great reference when you need a refresher.

Cost: $17 on amazon.com

Potty Training in 3 Days

You'll need to put everything on hold for just a few days if you run with the advice in this book. As the author points out, you'll be spending every waking minute with your little one. Nevertheless, it's an excellent method for your kiddo to get all the basics down over a long weekend. And there's one small detail you definitely need to know: Your child will be going commando the whole time. Long t-shirts help cover the view.

Cost: $5.80 on amazon.com

Potty Train Your Child in Just One Day

Many skeptics before you learned that this method really works. You'll need some time to prep here—after all, the "Potty Party" won't plan itself—then prepare for a sprint that feels like quite a marathon. With this method, it's essential to let your child's development guide you; readiness is an essential first step. If you are a bit extra when it comes to your kids, you'll love the party planning element and the quality time with your tiny human.

Cost: $12.88 on amazon.com

Diaper-Free Before 3

You'll want to read this book if you're the parent who thinks about preschool right after giving birth. You don't want any surprises, and you're more than happy to prepare for potty training in the baby phase. Bonus: The author walks you through the process to get your little one out of diapers a lot sooner than you thought possible. The helpful history of potty training offers some insight into experiences dating back to the Victorian Era. (Spoiler alert! Parents started at birth back then, and this method isn't far off.)

Cost: $15 on amazon.com

Potty-Training Books for Children

Everyone Poops

Your little animal lover will want you to read this book over and over. Perfect for reluctant trainers, the "where poop goes" lessons help make the process fun and educational.

Cost: $13.61 on amazon.com

Once Upon a Potty

This cute book talks about and illustrates correct body parts and their functions, and shows and talks about pee and poop. Add the helpful tip that accidents are OK, and your kiddo will be happy to try out the potty.

Cost: $7.44 on amazon.com

A Potty for Zaza

If your little one has an adorable, new training potty to show off, then Zaza's the girl for you. Your kiddo can learn all about the little potty and who is just the right size for it.  

Cost: $12.99 on amazon.com

Where's the Poop

Sometimes nailing where to go is a big 'ol problem, and this book has the seemingly magic answer. Vibrant illustrations and adorable animals make this one a favorite. This durable book even has interactive flaps for little fingers.

Cost: $9.89 on amazon.com

Daniel Goes to the Potty

If there's a Daniel Tiger fan in your house, they'll love the TV episode that coordinates with this sweet book. Daniel's potty song adds even more fun. Your little one can learn from their favorite striped friend.

Cost: $8.93 on amazon.com

Potty Professional

Your child will be ready to take the lead with this kid-initiated potty training tale. Bright pictures and short-and-sweet sentences will keep your little one on the edge of their (toilet) seat.

Cost: $7.99 on amazon.com

—Angelica Kajiwara

Angelica Kajiwara loves hiking, RV travel and delicious food, and she enjoys all of that with three little ones in tow. It’s never boring, that’s for sure. Visit her at: toddlinacrossamerica.com.