Research shows that children who learn another language at an early age are more likely to achieve fluency. So whether you’re passing down a heritage language or simply want your child to have the advantage of speaking more than one language, our list of bilingual books in an array of languages is sure to kick-start your toddler’s linguistic adventures!


12 Lucky Animals: A Bilingual Baby Book
The 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac come alive through vivid pictures and playful descriptions in this English-Chinese board book making for an exciting cultural adventure.


Hello, My Friend / Bonjour, Mon Amie
Little fans of Disney Junior’s Fancy Nancy will be delighted to learn first words in both English and French alongside their favorite character.

Hello, Paris! / Bonjour, Paris!
Your child will have a great time discovering the sights of Paris while learning helpful French phrases with a little help from a friendly cat and kitten duo!

Eating the Rainbow / Manger l'arc-en-ciel
This book is full of adorable images of toddlers and preschoolers enjoying healthy foods in all the colors of the rainbow! Your kiddo will have fun learning the names of their favorite fruits and veggies in both English and French.


My First Bilingual Book—Numbers
Bright illustrations introduce babies and toddlers to numbers, colors, and everyday objects in both English and German.

My First Bilingual Book—Love
Another from the MFBB series! Show your little one the many forms of love while they learn how to vocally express these emotions in two languages.


My First English Hindi Learning Library
This box set of 10 books includes all the basic learning themes perfect for toddlers—ABC, Numbers, Colors, and more! Each book has bright and realistic images labeled in both English and Hindi.


Mangia! Mangia!
Got a little pasta lover at home? This colorful board book introduces toddlers to the delicious and diverse world of Italian cuisine (beyond spaghetti!).


Up and Down
An opposites-themed book in bold color block illustrations paired with full, descriptive sentences makes for an extra effective Japanese vocabulary development boost!


The Solar System
A curiosity of space is an innate human quality, so it’s never too early to explore the planets and stars with your toddler. Not only do we love the playful illustrations, but the transliterations score major points with parents who are learning Korean alongside their kiddos.


Hip, Hop / Upa, Upa
This easy-to-follow board book with contrasting images of baby animals is sure to capture the attention of our tiniest language-learners as they learn words to describe animal movements in Portuguese and English.


Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes/Cabeza, Hombros, Piernas, Pies
This well-known nursery song has been translated into numerous languages and is beloved around the world. This Spanish version will have your toddler singing along in no time!

¡Me gusta cómo soy! / I Like Myself!
This fun book will teach your toddler all about loving who they are through bright and quirky illustrations, while growing their sense of self-esteem and their Spanish vocabulary!

Palo y Piedra / Stick and Stone
A heartwarming story of friendship with an underlying anti-bullying message and the cutest illustrations!

Los Tres Cerditos / The Three Little Pigs
A classic fairytale retold in a gentle tone with equally serene visuals is sure to become your toddler’s favorite for years to come.

—Candace Nagy

Mother. Writer. Lover of history and nature. Read more by Candace here.