Actual LEGO bricks seem a million miles away, but thankfully, there are great age-appropriate sets to help little fingers master building and balancing skills. In addition, toddler-style building sets are tailormade to encourage resilience, self-expression and confidence. Not to mention, they keep tiny architects busy for hours. Keep scrolling to discover the top sets to buy right now.

Tegu Magnetic Wooden Blocks (Ages: 1+)
Check out this new twist on an old classic. The carefully hidden magnets allow your little one to stack up beautiful wooden blocks that you might not mind seeing scattered around the living room floor. Adding these blocks to your toy box makes a big difference, too. Tegu is manufactured in Honduras, and your purchase helps to support local workers and their families.

Stacking Peg Board (Ages: 1+)
Your preschooler will enjoy the thrill of stacking and sorting easy-to-grasp, colored pegs to create their masterpieces. With three large foam pegboards and 60 pegs, this is a great option if you have more than one kiddo to entertain.

The Alphabet Truck (Ages: 1 1/2 +)
Your toddler can wrap their tiny fingers around brightly colored bricks and learn their letters at the same time. The 26 letter bricks provide plenty of opportunities to become more familiar with the alphabet and improve language skills. Your tot won't be alone on this learning adventure because the girl, boy and teddy bear figures are right there to help them along.

Number Train (Ages: 1 1/2+)
Letters can't have all the fun, so jump off the Alphabet Truck and onto the Number Train. With only 21 toddler-friendly pieces, this set is an excellent take-anywhere learning toy. Kids can sort the blocks by shape and color, count the total number found in the train or build fine motor skills while loading the blocks back into the right train cars.

Bristle Blocks (Ages: 2+)
You won't have to worry about a rogue flying block, as these soft building toys stick together and provide hours of frustration-free fun. Grab this set to help build hand-eye coordination and to stimulate your toddler's curiosity and creativity. The unique interlocking design means there are endless possibilities. Those chubby hands can squeeze these blocks together to start building, then pull them apart to create something new.

World Animals (Ages: 2+)
After a summer trip to the local zoo, why not bring the animal learning fun home with these adorable creatures from around the globe? Build a big adventure with the tiny giraffe and lion out on the African savanna. If sea creatures are all the rage, then it's time to create a whale-watching extravaganza. No matter the locale, this set is sure to inspire tons of fun animal expeditions and a few new noises, too!

Fruit Shapes (Ages: 2+)
Match the shapes hidden inside these fun fruits and have fun learning about colors and foods as you go. Every time your kids play with these pop-apart, push-together fruits, they build essential fine motor skills, too. Made from durable plastic, these fruits wipe clean and fit perfectly into the included bucket with toddler-sized handle. That almost guarantees easy cleanup for everyone.

Building Disks (Ages: 3+)
If you are searching for something to keep your little one busy in a restaurant, look no further. While there are 120 pieces, the convenient carrying case makes this the perfect option for on-the-go building. Your little engineer can work on fine motor skills, learn colors, enjoy new sensory experiences and boost creativity. The best part: Simple stacking is a thing of the past. Your toddler will be building in every direction with these rainbow-colored disks.

Magnetic Foam Builders (Ages: 3+)
The soft foam magnetic blocks click together like magic, rotate 360 degrees and always attract each other—not to mention, they float and stick to metal tubs. These versatile blocks have earned the Mom’s Choice Gold Award, Tillywig Brain Child Award and the Parent and Teacher Choice Award (so you know they're good). Whenever they need to be cleaned or sterilized, just pop them in the top rack of the dishwasher, and they’re as good as new. You'll love the pay-it-forward mission of Blockaroos. The company asks that if your little one has outgrown the blocks, they please pass them on or return them so they can be donated to a family in need.

—Angelica Kajiwara

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