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For toddlers, the world may seem like a big place full of puzzling people. And now that we think about it, that’s not far off from the way most adults see it, too—especially when you throw a boss into the mix. While most of us have probably been lucky enough to have a great boss at some point, we’ve also had a few that left us altogether confused. When we asked a few toddlers what they thought a boss is, their cute and mostly accurate answers made it clear that they know more about the working world than we might have thought!

“Hmmm, always on the pomputer.” –Rose, 2.5

“Me!” –Archie, 3

“You! –Naarah, 2.5

“A boss is cookie!” –Garvey, 3 (We wish, Garvey, we wish!)

“A boss is like a moose! I’m just joking. Daddy is your boss!” –Phoenix, 3

“A boss works!” –Austen, 3

“Some kind of like…” –Ava, 3 (Ava went on to kick the couch to show us what she thought a boss is like, and we never felt more understood than in that moment!)

“Me!” –Bryson, 2

“It’s in charge. And you know, a boss works.” –Ellie, 3

“A boss works in a big building!” –Ryan, 3

—Candace Nagy

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