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The roles of mothers and fathers have changed drastically since the 60s, with more task-sharing than ever before. With this shift has come a spike in the amount of time that dads are spending with their kids. While dads will always be a hero in their children’s eyes, even the youngest tots can see that the job of a dad goes well beyond that. When we asked a few toddlers what they think their dad does all day, their answers proved our point and gave us a good laugh!

“Change diapys (diapers)!” –Maddox, 2

“Daddy takes the mail.” –Garvey, 3

“Get some wood and fart! –Bryson, 2 (Bryson’s mom told us that her husband works outdoors with heavy equipment. It sounds like there’s a lot of freedom that comes with working outdoors!)

“Um, cleans the house.” –Lucas, 3.5 (Lucas’ dad works from home and does a lot of the chores.)

“Makes sausage and money!” –Ava, 3

“Make food and goes to shops!” –Phoenix, 3 (Aside from being a musician, Phoenix’s dad does a lot of the grocery shopping and cooking and is an avid sourdough baker.)

“Play things!” –Naarah, 2.5 (Naraah and her dad love playing Barbies together before bedtime.)

“He goes fishing and goes to the park with us!” –Ellie, 3

“Daddy loves me.” –Ryan, 3 (We’re melting over this sweet response.)

“Mmm, I don’t know.” –Archie, 3 (It’s okay, Archie, sometimes we don’t know either!)

—Candace Nagy

Mother. Writer. Lover of history and nature. Read more by Candace here.