It is a not-so-inside joke that snacks solve just about everything when it comes to toddlers. It's especially important to master the snack game when you like to take your toddlers out of the house as much as I do. Getting stuck without healthy snacks means we have to stop and grab some pretty unhealthy options. These five snacks are my go-to choices for stowing in my diaper bag as they keep everyone happy when we're out together.

Applesauce, mixed fruits, veggies and more—pouches are a healthy and yummy option for toddlers to enjoy on the go. Luckily, the options at your local grocery store seem endless, and you can even make your own at home. Either way, this is the perfect snack for any diaper bag list. Fun tip: keep the pouch tops and set up a color sorting game when you have a bunch of different colors saved up.

Fruit is an easy choice for diaper bags especially when you consider all the freeze-dried options that you can easily keep on hand. Stick to the grab-and-go category when your little one is developmentally ready for a whole apple or throw a banana in your bag as your head out the door. Grapes are a delicious option too, and they're perfect for practicing fine motor skills. Cut them up (until your kiddo is ready for full-sized grapes) and pop them in a reusable container to bring along on your adventure.

Cheese Sticks (slices or shredded work too!)
I grab this protein-filled snack for the whole family, and my little ones love them. We usually add a handful of nuts for the adults, and I add crackers for my kids to munch on. I love when I can pack a few things everyone can share as it makes getting out the door so much easier.

Some days, it is tough to get enough vegetables on the plate. Snap peas, cucumbers and carrots are perfect for little foodies once they are developmentally ready. If veggies are typically the last item chosen by your toddler, try offering them (and nothing else) when your kiddo is hungry and asking for food. A hungry tummy is a great motivator to try something new.

Something Crunchy
We stock veggie straws, cheese crackers, cereal, and a few other crispy treats in our pantry. The kids love when they get to pick their snacks for an outing as it gives them some independence and provides valuable practice for those choice-making skills.

I never leave home without a few of these snacks in my diaper bag. It helps us stick to our budget because we don't have to stop and buy food. And, my little ones always have healthy food options when we're away from home.

—Angelica Kajiwara

Angelica Kajiwara loves hiking, RV travel and delicious food, and she enjoys all of that with three little ones in tow. It’s never boring, that’s for sure. Visit her at: