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Every birthday for my children that passes, I am always impressed by the truly thoughtful things our loved ones gift my them. It shows how much they care and, in some cases, how much they know what their current interests are. I reached out to a few moms, and here is what they had to say about the best present their kid ever got.

A Simple Soft Toy: “For my son, it is his soft toy bunny, my dad bought it as a present when he was born, and he got attached to it when he was around six months old. Being in hospital a lot, it’s just his comfort toy, goes everywhere with him... it was just one of those small things you don’t think anything of but that comes to mean so much. “—Ria H.

A Quilt Made with Love: “My sister-in-law handmade a beautiful patchwork quilt for my daughter. It was very thoughtful.” —Yvette C.

Art Supplies: “I would say just paper and coloring pencils. They are used all the time.”—Amy J.

Mini Micro Scooter: “My daughter loved her scooter. She still rides it now!”—Carey B.

For around $31 you can get a sturdy Radio Flyer scooter perfect for toddlers and quality enough to pass on to the next generation.

LEGO Duplo: "Gets used for years! My eldest got his when he was 15 months, and my middle child joined in on the fun. It was the gift that kept going."

Check out this classic set, it's under $30 and has 65 pieces including people, flowers, and a variety of colors.

Tickets to a Show: “My mum bought my daughter pantomime tickets for her birthday when she turned three. It’s become an annual thing now, which is lovely.”—Carey B.

Costumes & Dress-Up: “He loves them and wears them to death. His Obi-wan Kenobi costumes lasted about four years.“
—Amy R.

A Telescope: “My daughter was given a telescope by a friend of mine a few years ago, and it’s been such a great gift. She learns so much, and it’s a wonderful way to bond in the garden at night, watching the stars and learning about things like the International Space Station.”—Lisa D.

This one is affordable, gets a ton of 5 star reviews, and is portable, so you can take it with you camping or out beyond the city lights.

As for my own kids? Our favorite things we've ever received are:

Museum/Zoo Memberships or Vouchers/Gift Cards for Excursions: These sorts of gifts are gold! We can entertain our littles all year.

A Marvelous Mud Kitchen: Mud, stones, sticks; all you have to do is add water for hours of endless fun in the garden!

—Lucy Benton

Lucy Benton is a freelance writer from the UK. When not writing, She can be found engaging in Landscape Photography, which pairs well with her love of walking and being in nature. She tweets sporadically at @LucyBwrites. Visit her online at

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